A message for my students

Dear students:

I was touched by a video message from former first lady Michelle Obama (link below) for college students, and I echo the things she said here.  I wanted to take her four points and express them in my own words:

  1. Don’t doubt that you deserve to be here – Everybody feels like an impostor sometimes.  You’ve got game, or you wouldn’t be here.  Believe it.
  2. Don’t be afraid to try new things – Every day, you’ll encounter something that pushes against your comfort zone.  That’s what college is for.  You’ll keep getting stronger.
  3. Don’t try to do this alone – There are all kinds of resources available to you when you need them.  Need writing help?  We have that.  Need mental health counseling?  We have that too.  You are not on your own here, you have a whole staff of professionals whose job it is to help you.  And it’s not a weakness to need help.
  4. There are people who believe in you – Including me.  In fact, I’ll lead that parade.  When people complain about “kids these days,” I’m one of the first to say – let me tell you about MY students.  They’re bright, energetic, and filled with purpose.  They’re going to make this world a better place.  I believe in you so, so much.  You’re going to life a meaningful life, and I’m already so proud of you.

Follow this link for Mrs. Obama’s video message:

Michelle Obama’s message to first-generation college students

Stop by office hours to talk.  I’m here because of you.


Dr. Hamel (here with Annelise Wilp, class of 2018)



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