The end of binary thinking

Dear friends,

I am so thoroughly sick of binary thinking – the kind of either/or, black/white logic that says:  We either do x, or y will happen.  It goes something like this:

We either arm teachers, or kids will continue to get shot in school.

We either institute punitive border policies, or “undesirables” will come flooding in.

We either do things our way, or all hell will break loose.

I try – on a daily basis – to develop my students’ critical thinking skills.  I teach them to question the status quo.  If, after careful thought, they still think the status quo is right, I’m fine with that.  I just want them to question things.  I want them to be skeptical about either/or thinking.  I want them to look at the things they take for granted, and poke ’em with a stick.

My hope for us all:  Don’t blindly accept what you’re told, even if it comes from “your” side.  Think deeper.  Question.  Decide for yourself, not because someone says so.  Test everything against your own education, experience, and the spirit within you.

I have faith in you, in myself, in us.





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