Life update

Hello friends,

It’s been a rough week.  A childhood / school friend passed away last week, and this week we celebrated her life and laid her to rest.

Tuesday night was the wake / visitation, and it was amazing to see how many people were there.  It was such a testimony to a well-lived life that touched a wide circle of people.  We met family members, coworkers, friends, and clients from across the years of her life, all there to honor what she had meant to them.

Wednesday was the church service / funeral, followed by the procession to the cemetery for the burial.  Afterwards, a luncheon, and then we all joined together in a balloon release (the balloons were biodegradable!) as a final send-off to our friend.

She leaves two grown children and a husband.  The kids seemed to be doing ok.  Her husband is broken-hearted.  Please include all of them in your prayers.

Rest in Peace, Gerri Ann.  You were loved, and you touched so many lives.  What more can we hope for when our time on earth is through?



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