How do I read so much?

Dear friends,

Occasionally I’ll get the question, how do you read so much?

Here is my (multi-part) answer:

  1.  I have several books on the go at one time.  I’m usually listening to an audiobook, reading something on Kindle, and have more than one “physical” book in process at the same time (in the bathroom, on my nightstand, etc.)  – the key to reading multiple books at once (at least for me) is that they be different genres.  Fiction here, nonfiction there, etc.
  2.  I make time for reading, because I find it pleasurable.  In the evening, after getting home from work and having dinner, a lot of people will watch television.  I read.  A couple of hours of reading in the evening is my idea of enjoyment and relaxation.
  3.  I’m a fast reader.  If it’s a true “page-turner,” and the font is large enough for my near-sighted eyes to not have to strain, I can pretty much skim-read.  Tiny font and densely-written books take longer.
  4.  I consider reading to be part of my lifestyle and part of my job.  As an academic, I subscribe to the mantra of “read a lot, write a lot” (and I’m working on a book right now).  Reading helps get the flow going.

Happy reading!

Winnie and the Professor  (that’s not Winnie, that’s my friend’s kitty Kiki … I love torties!)

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