Book review: Naked In Death

Hello lovely friends,

I have long been a fan of Nora Roberts’ romance novels, so I decided to give her crime/thriller series a try.  She has written nearly 50 books in the “In Death” series under the pen name “J.D. Robb,” and this is the first of the series.


The “In Death” series is set in the mid 21st century, so it’s slightly futuristic, but not science-fictiony; the futuristic elements are believable, such as an “Autochef” machine in the kitchen that prepares your meals (remember the Jetsons?).  In this setting, we meet police lieutenant Eve Dallas, who has been assigned to solve a sequence of serial murders – hopefully before the murderer strikes again.

We also meet Roarke, an enigma of a man who is wealthy and handsome (naturally), attracted to Eve (of course), but may be a suspect in the crimes.  Is she literally sleeping with the enemy?  (Cue suspenseful music).

The book was a fast read, and the police procedures and futuristic elements were exciting, as was the forbidden romance between Eve and Roarke.  The identity of the killer took me by surprise.

I will read more books in this series, which I understand will feature Eve and Roarke as a crime-solving power couple.



Winnie and the Professor