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Dear friends,

I love teaching Intercultural Communication.  One of the principles I teach my students is that culture is all around us, and is not limited to race and ethnicity.  We all belong to multiple cultures, each with its own ideas and behaviors.  I like to show my students “popular press” books that give insights into a wide range of cultures, such as these:










Modern Romance – A humorous look at dating in the internet age.


Educated – a home-schooled survivalist decides to go to university.


When Generations Collide – workplace dynamics when the age range is 20-70 and beyond.


Reading the Romance – who reads romance novels, and why?  (You may be surprised).

Intercultural Communication isn’t some esoteric textbook topic – it’s part of our everyday lives, if we only know where to look.  If you communicate with others across religious or political differences, or if you’ve ever had to explain a “strange” hobby to someone who’s never heard of it – those are forms of intercultural communication.

“Game of Thrones” fans trying to explain the story to non-fans will know what I mean.  The GOT fandom is a strong and fascinating culture!

Keep reading, keep learning,

Winnie and the Professor


Book review: Modern Romance

Dear friends,

This book provides a fun and interesting examination of how we form relationships in the modern world of texting, online dating, and hookup culture. Aziz uses his trademark humor to compare current dating culture with past practices like arranged marriage or marrying someone from your small hometown circle. Surprisingly well researched too.


I read the physical book, and also listened to the audiobook. The audiobook was especially fun, listening to Aziz “perform” his own writing felt like being at a live stage show.

Recommended if you are interested in a nonfiction book that is light, fun, and relatively short.  Also if you are interested in popular culture, and how new technologies are changing our expectations about love, marriage, sex, and romance.

Happy reading!

Winnie and the Professor

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